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Get an article, Copy+Paste into the form, click Rewrite and in less than 3 seconds you've got yourself an 100% UNIQUE ARTICLE

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The way this online article rewriter works it is different of all the already existent article rewriters. It doesn't use synonyms to replace some words, it uses a totally different technology, so that the resulted article it is completely different from the original.

Here are some samples of original/rewritten articles:

Original 1:

"First of all, you need to know what an affiliate program is and how it works in order to fully understand how you can make some money out of it. Affiliate programs is like a joint venture where you or your website becomes a partner with another website that have already developed a product or service that they are already selling in the Internet. As a partner, your job is to direct the visitors of your website to your partner website and hope that they will purchase the products or services being offered. Your website will be like the company's marketing arm, among several."

Rewritten 1:

"First of all, you must know what is a program of subsidiary company and that functions in order to entirely include/understand how you can manufacture a certain amount of money from it. The programs of subsidiary company is like a joint-venture in participation where you or your Web site becomes a associate with another Web site which already developed a product or service that they are already sold in the Internet. As a associate, your work is to direct the visitors of your Web site towards your Web site of associated and to hope that they will buy the products or the services being offered. Your Web site will be like the arm of the sale of the company, among several."

Original 2:

"Memoirs are, of course, written by authors of all ages, and their narratives can encompass fifty years or one week of experience. The first element necessary to a successful memoir is that experience. Lots of us have led interesting lives, or had unusual experiences. But not all of those interesting lives and unusual experiences are memoir-worthy. At the same time, the life experience you want to write about doesn’t need to be earth-shattering to be the basis of a successful book--if you’re a good enough writer. Whether your memories should jump from your head onto the pages of a memoir is difficult to judge when you’re the one whose life’s literary value is in question. If you didn’t think it was worth writing about, you wouldn’t be thinking about a memoir in the first place. But it’s a judgment you must make honestly and objectively if you don’t want to waste a lot of time writing a manuscript that will never sell."

Rewritten 2:

The memories, naturally, are written by authors of all the ages, and their accounts can cover fifty years or a week of experiment. The first element necessary of a successful report is this experiment. A good number of us carried out the interesting lives, or had not very common experiences. But not all these interesting lives and common experiments not very are memory-worthy. At the same time, the experiment of the life where you want to write approximately does not need ground-of breaking to be the base of a successful book--if you are a rather classic. If your memories should jump of your head on the pages of a report is difficult to judge when you are that whose literary value of the life is in question. If you do not think that it was worth the sorrow to write approximately, you would not think of a report initially. But it is a judgment which you must make honestly and objectively if you do not want to waste to write much time a manuscript which will never be sold."

As you can see, the resulted article it is 100% unique content (copyscape tested) . In the resulted article might occur from time to time some "reader friendly" error like "boy smart" (should be "smart boy") or it might replace 1 or 2 words with bad synonyms, but this can be manually fixed by you in 2-3 minutes. So, instead of taking a half hour to write an article or pay someone 5$+ for one, you can get it a few seconds.

This Article ReWriter have been build in a single php file. You need Curl enabled on your server for this to work (99% of the paid hosts have it by default). There is no config involved, just upload the php file to your host and access it in your browser. That's all! You've got yourself UNIQUE ARTICLE CONTENT